Frequently Asked Question

What is included in our collection plans ?

Our plans are delivered in paper format in 2 signed and sealed copies by a member in good standing of the Professional Technologists Order of Quebec, along with 3 copies for construction. The plan is also provided to you in PDF format.

Our plans also include:

  • 4 exterior elevations
  • The foundation, ground floor, and upper floor plans
  • A complete building section, as well as any other relevant sections for a better understanding of the project
  • Wall, floor, and roof compositions, as well as any other necessary compositions for the construction of the building
  • The indicative structure configuration. This should be approved by the engineer from the manufacturer of beams and roof trusses.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can we make modifications to the plans ?


Each residence is unique and should meet the needs of the family living in it.

The concepts we propose can be modified and adapted to your requirements. Whether you want to add an extra bedroom, modify the proposed windows, or even merge the architectural style of one model with the interior layout of another, with some compromises, everything is possible to create the house of your dreams!

Contact us to discuss your project and obtain a fee evaluation.

Do your plans comply with current standards ?

Our plans are designed to meet the requirements of the National Building Code of Quebec 2010 and are written in French only.

Each city has its own regulations, and to ensure the issuance of a construction permit, it will be necessary to first validate that the plans meet the requirements of the municipality where your residence will be erected.

To do this, we invite you to contact us with the information about the construction site (ideally, the lot number of the land) and the details of the plan you are interested in.

What seal is affixed to your plans ?

Dessina Plan+ is a firm of professional architectural technologists.

Therefore, our plans are signed and sealed by a professional architectural technologist who is a member of the Professional Technologists Order of Quebec.

What are your delivery times ? (Plan collection)

Our delivery times are 2 days after the order for plans without modifications. For certain models, these times may be longer as they are not fully prepared for permits and construction. In such cases, please allow for approximately 2 weeks of delivery time.

Can I build more than once with one of your plans?

The purchase of a plan limits the construction of the building to a single lot. This means that these plans cannot be reused to construct the building on another lot.

It is illegal to copy, reproduce, or use the plans, concepts, and illustrations we produce without the authorization of Dessina Plan+.

If you wish to build a plan more than once, we invite you to contact us to discuss the arrangements.