Feasibility Study

Are you an individual and would like to buy land to build your future home? Are you an entrepreneur and want to develop land?

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What does a feasibility study consist of?

A feasibility study consists of producing a preliminary analysis essential to assess the viability of a construction project. It allows different technical, financial and regulatory aspects to be taken into account in order to determine the feasibility of the desired house plan.

At Dessina Plan+, we carry out technical feasibility studies in order to evaluate the possibility of building the chosen plan on the ground, or even to determine the possibilities offered by the land.

Firstly, we look at things such as the topography of the land, geotechnical constraints, access to utilities (water, electricity, gas, sewerage), local building regulations and legal requirements. We ensure that the building can be constructed in accordance with the standards and regulations in force on the desired land.

We also assess the ecological impact of the project. This includes the analysis of natural resources, waste management, energy efficiency, the use of sustainable materials, the integration of ecological solutions (solar panels, water recovery systems, etc.) and compliance with environmentally friendly construction standards.

Finally, we examine the legal constraints and authorizations required for the construction of the house or project. This includes obtaining building permits, complying with building codes, easements, local regulations and the requirements of the authorities having jurisdiction. This study ensures that the plan meets legal requirements and can be carried out in accordance with current regulations.

Once all these steps have been completed, the results allow you to make an informed decision regarding the continuation of the project.

It is important to emphasize that a feasibility study does not guarantee the absolute success of the project, but it does provide a thorough assessment of its potential feasibility. It helps identify obstacles, risks and opportunities associated with the house plan, which helps minimize unforeseen events and make informed decisions throughout the construction process.

In short, a feasibility study, whether for a house plan, a commercial plan or an industrial plan, remains an essential preliminary analysis to assess the technical, financial, economic, functional, environmental and legal viability of a project. of construction. It provides a complete and objective evaluation of the different components of the project, which helps maximize its chances of success.

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