Nancy Chartrand: Female business owner in construction

Born to a construction contractor, Nancy has always been involved in the field. From a young age, she was already learning a few tricks of the trade, motivated by her curiosity and a thirst for knowledge.

It’s not surprising that her professional choices led her to construction. More intellectual than manual, Nancy studied and became an architectural technician at the age of 19. Since then, she has acquired more than 20 years of experience. She has trained numerous interns and, obviously, employees. Nancy continues her knowledge collection by following the necessary training to stay up to date, both with construction standards and with constantly evolving trends and customer needs.

Let us highlight a few strengths among many others:

      • Excellent knowledge of the National Building Code (C.N.B.);
      • Expert vision for designing spaces where life is good;
      • Taste for offering superb combinations of materials and colors;
      • Excellent technical knowledge;
      • Insightful, she finds solutions when a problem arises.

In 2015, Nancy made the big leap: she went from project manager to owner!

With a lifetime of experience, she now leads the dance. Her expertise continues to sharpen and adapt to the changes brought by time and the evolution of the world.

Nancy Chartrand, female business owner in construction and proud of it!

Entrust her with your projects and you won’t regret it. She and her team will design the plans for your project by putting all their knowledge into it in order to offer you a hassle-free and confident experience.

Psst! Don’t be fooled by her youth; some people find their way early and gain a lot of experience as a result.

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