Other Architectural Plans

Do you have a project other than a new house or renovation plan?

Whether for an accessory building (detached garage, poolhouse, etc.), a multi-family building (duplex, triplex), a post-disaster reconstruction plan, or a small commercial project, we can design the plans!

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Disaster Case

Photo apres sinistreIt is with delicacy and empathy that we work on this type of project. We are aware that many memories are attached to your home and that the steps leading up to construction can be difficult. In all cases, we are here to support you and guide you through the necessary steps until reconstruction.

Before the demolition of the building, our team must arrive on site to carry out a survey of the building (taking measurements). Regardless of the extent of the damage, to produce a plan, it is essential to recreate the plan of your home as it was before the disaster.

From there, we can finalize the plans, or revise the layout and architecture, if the project details allow.

Some cities require that plans be produced with all details existing before the disaster, such as cornices, parapets, keystones, lion heads, and any other decorative elements. We must reproduce these elements in every way on our plans.

plan de garage

Accessories Buildings

To obtain a construction permit for an accessory building, your municipality may require construction plans produced by a professional. We can make these plans come true. A detached garage, a barn, a shed, a garden pavilion, etc. Plan de grange
Plan de triplex

Multifamily Building

Whether you are an individual who wishes to bring his family together or an investor wishing to create a beautiful real estate project, our team is able to produce plans that will meet the needs of the project. Multi-family buildings include intergenerational houses, duplexes or triplexes. Plan de triplex

Commercial Plan & Industrial Plan

The development of a commercial plan or even an industrial plan is also part of our repertoire. We can help you create plans for your new office or even renovate it.

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